Mobile is the new normal for websites.

That’s right…mobile sites are outdueling desktop websites for attention.  2015 marks the first time in history that mobile searches out number desktop searches on the internet:  over 60% of all internet searches now originate from a mobile device.  And it doesn’t look like that trend will slow down anytime soon…
Introducing Avumo’s MobileFirst™.  This platform was developed to address the need to prioritize mobile first.  By fusing artificial intelligence with advanced algorithms and coding, Avumo’s platform allows consumers and agencies to create a mobile site like no other on the market in under a minute.  Every mobile site will be responsive, have a single URL and will enable each site owner to leverage their site as a marketing tool; they will have the ability to manage both email and text marketing campaigns right from their dashboard.


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The impact of MobileFirst™

It’s simple… Every business owner and/or agency can create a fantastic mobile website that their visitors/clients find cool yet professional, easy to navigate, and loads incredibly fast.  MobileFirst™ brings advanced technology to the masses from what was only available to a select few…and at an affordable price point.  
Owners won’t have to replace their existing desktop site with an expensive website just to make their site mobile friendly.  Agencies can spend less time and money on developing, create a new revenue stream for their business that complements what they are already doing, and be able to offer a new and better product to their customers at a fraction of the cost of developing a new site.  
MobileFirst™ will change the way people and businesses think of and use their mobile sites.  All the technology will maximize their SEO results and provide lightning fast load times.  Gone are the days of waiting for a page to load! 


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